Lifestraw vs Berkey

LifeStraw and Berkey are two of the biggest names in the water treatment industry.

While Berkey is best known for its countertop water filtration systems, LifeStraw is popular due to its namesake product, the LifeStraw Straw filter, and has since gone on to expand its range of filters to sell a variety of water treatment systems for at-home and emergency use.

In this comparison guide, we’ve reviewed and compared the Berkey Countertop Water Filtration System with some of LifeStraw’s most similar products, giving you the details you need to decide which brand (if any) is best for your situation.

All of Berkey’s countertop water filtration systems use the same filter elements, called Black Berkey water filtration elements. These coconut shell carbon-based water filters use adsorption and other processes to filter water.

Berkey Filters

LifeStraw currently sells tens of different filters under different categories, including straw filters, bottle filters, dispenser filters, gravity-fed filters, and pitcher filters.


The main difference between these two brands is that Berkey focuses on removing a broad range of contaminants, while LifeStraw’s filters are predominantly intended to make water microbiologically safe.

What Contaminants do they Remove?

The Black Berkey water filters are much more capable than standard activated carbon filter cartridges. They don’t just reduce chlorine and a few other select contaminants – they’ll virtually purify your water by removing pretty much everything.

Performance Comparison

LifeStraw is also well known for its reliable performance, with many people choosing to use LifeStraw filters when camping or hiking in the wilderness, putting their full trust in their filters to make naturally sourced water potable and safe to drink.

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