Is  Well Water Bad  for Skin?


Can be.

Certain contaminants in well water are harmful to skin and may cause:



Acne breakouts

Which well water contaminants are bad?

(Magnesium and Calcium)

Hard Water Minerals

These form soap scum that leaves the skin and hair dry


Contamination is rare, but in the event of such, the water may cause Pediculosis and Erythrasma


Can cause hives and itchiness


Exposure to such can cause rough, scaly skin and an increased risk of skin cancer


These seep into soil and enter the groundwater. They Cause rashes, flushing, itching, and redness.

Other causes of skin problems

New perfume, soap or detergent?

The issue persists even with a different water supply?

Family history?

Physical changes like pregnancy or menopause?

Worsened symptoms after eating a certain type of food?

Your skin issues may not be caused by your water. Ask yourself these questions:


First, test your water

Isolate the problem contaminant through lab testing. It's the most accurate.

Water Softeners

These deal with hard water that affects the skin's ability to absorb moisture.

Whole House Water Filter Systems

There are types that remove manganese, iron and sulfur, and other types that remove heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides, and chlorine.

UV Purifiers

The most effective solution against microbes like bacteria

Showerhead Filters

Best for small budgets and a good option for reducing chlorine and hardness minerals

Reverse Osmosis Systems

The best high-end option for removing virtually all contaminants from tap water

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