Is Starbucks Water Filtered?

It filters its water to comply with NSF standards for lead reduction.


Does Starbucks filter its water?


To improve coffee taste and quality

To eliminate distasteful chlorine

To remove chlorine aroma

To avoid corrosion and eliminate scale deposits in coffee makers

Filtering water on-site is cheaper and more eco-friendly than buying bottled water

Which water filtration do they use?

Most locations use a reverse osmosis system but some also use non-RO. 

We’d guess they’re using a comprehensive multi-stage filtration system to remove contaminants without removing healthy minerals.

All locations use water filters but the system differs depending on the local water and pipes.


Do all Starbucks locations do this?

Is this why the coffee is good?

Good water contributes to good coffee.

The water is good because there’s no distracting chlorine taste that ruins your coffee.

Install a water filtration system


How to get the same quality water?

We recommend the Clearly Filtered Water Pitcher.

It’s a good entry-level filter that removes hundreds of contaminants, including that pesky chlorine.

Want to take the next level?

Install a Reverse Osmosis (RO) unit with a remineralizing post-filter.

This system lets you have the minerals that were lost during the purification process.

You can even add a water softener to prevent limescale damage in your coffee machine.

Or not...

Others say that coffee tastes better with hard water.

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