Is Drinking New Haven Tap Water Safe?

Is it safe to drink New Haven tap water? Where does New Haven, CT water come from?  We’ve answered all these questions and more in this New Haven tap water safety and quality guide.

Can You Drink New Haven Tap Water?

Yes, you can drink the tap water in New Haven because the City’s water utility treats the water to make it potable and safe for consumption before it’s distributed to homes and businesses.

The City’s water utility is also in compliance with legal drinking water standards according to the EPA Enforcement and Compliance History database.

Most of the City’s water is sourced from surface water, but just over one-fifth of the New Haven water supply comes from groundwater (underground) supplies.

Where Does the Tap Water in New Haven Come From?

Regardless of where the water in New Haven comes from, it undergoes the same disinfection and treatment process at one of several water treatment plants, including the Whitney Water Purification Facility.


The City of New Haven tap water is managed by the New Haven Regional Water Authority (RWA) and regulated by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Connecticut Department of Public Health.

Who Regulates New Haven Drinking Water?

The most recent Water Quality Report for New Haven is the 2022 Report, containing data from January to December 2022.

New Haven Annual Water Quality Report

The Report shows that the City met regulatory standards for all the contaminants detected in the public water supply. That means that no contaminants were detected in concentrations higher than the EPA legal limit.

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