Humidifiers and Reverse Osmosis Water

Wondering whether you can get away with using reverse osmosis water instead of distilled water in your humidifier?

In this guide, we’ve answered the question: “Can you use reverse osmosis water in a humidifier?”

We’ve also discussed other things you may want to know, including the pros and cons of RO water in humidifiers, the best alternative to RO water for this purpose, and why cleaning your humidifier is important.

Yes, you can use reverse osmosis water in a humidifier as a last resort, if you don’t have access to distilled water.

Is Reverse Osmosis Water Good To Use In A Humidifier?

Reverse osmosis water is water that has been purified with the reverse osmosis process. During this process, water is filtered through several filtration stages. It’s also filtered through a reverse osmosis membrane, where the majority of the dissolved solids are removed.

What Is Reverse Osmosis Water?

The most basic explanation is that water is added to the humidifier’s water tank, the machine is switched on, and water is converted into vapor and released into the air.

What Happens To Water In A Humidifier?

Humidifiers require very pure water to prevent harmful particles and contaminants from dispersing into the air during the humidification process. Pure water is also required to prevent the formation of scale inside the distiller’s water tank.

Why Do Humidifiers Require Very Pure Water?

More affordable than distilled water RO water is typically cheaper to buy in bottles than distilled water. So, if you get through a lot of water in your humidifier, bottled reverse osmosis water is the cheapest long-term option.

Pros Of Reverse Osmosis Water For Humidifiers