How to Treat Turbidity in Water

If you’re on a private residential well and your drinking water is discolored, cloudy, or has floating particles, you probably have a turbidity issue.

Here, we’ve shared our top tips on how to treat turbidity in water, based on the type of turbidity present.

We’ve also shared a few methods to remove turbidity from surface water in the backcountry.


A sediment filter is the best solution to remove suspended solids like sand, gravel, dirt, and rust, which may be contributing to turbidity.


A tannins filter is the best method of turbidity removal if your water turbidity is caused by tannins.


For discolored, cloudy water caused by iron or manganese, a filtration system is the most effective turbidity treatment.

There are several different types of water treatment methods to remove iron and manganese, including: - Air injection/oxidation systems - Chemical injection systems

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