How to Remove E. coli from Water [year]

E. coli might sound like an unlikely pathogen to contaminate water in the United States.

In this story, we’ve shared everything you should know about the 7 most effective treatment methods to remove or kill E. coli bacteria in water.

Here are the best water treatment methods to kill or remove E. coli bacteria from your drinking water.


UV water purification is one of the most effective methods of E. coli and bacteria killing.


Chlorine treatment systems are another effective method of killing E. coli and other harmful bacteria.


Submicron filters have tiny filter pores that are small enough to trap contaminants like coliform bacteria and E. coli.

Most water filters have a pore size of around 1-5 microns. When water is treated in these filters, the microorganisms are small enough to slip straight through the filter pores.

Submicron filters have a pore size of 0.22 microns or less, so they’re capable of trapping up to 99.99% of waterborne contaminants like E. coli.

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