How to Remove Chloroform from Water (4 Effective Methods)

This disinfection byproduct is commonly found in drinking water that has been treated with chlorine, and while research is lacking, we know that it has several dangerous health effects.

Here, we’ve shared everything you should know about how to remove chloroform from water with the best at-home water treatment methods.

Here, we’ve outlined the best methods to remove chloroform from your drinking water.


If you don’t want to spend any money on a dedicated water system for removing chloroform, simply boiling water at home is an effective way to reduce this disinfection byproduct.

Granular Activated Carbon Filtration

Filtration with a granular activated carbon (GAC) filter is an effective way to remove chloroform from your drinking water.

Reverse Osmosis Purification

Reverse osmosis purification is another highly effective method of reducing chloroform in tap water.

A reverse osmosis filter combines several stages of filtration, including sediment and carbon filters, with a semi-permeable membrane.

This membrane is capable of reducing up to 99% of all total dissolved solids in the water, including disinfection byproducts like chloroform.

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