Fridge Water: Filtered or Not?

Wondering whether your refrigerator water is any more special than the drinking water from your kitchen faucet?

In this guide, we’ve answered the question: “Is refrigerator water filtered?”

We’ve also discussed how to know if your fridge’s drinking water is filtered, and, if not, how to take your refrigerator water quality into your own hands.

Is Refrigerator Water Filtered?

Refrigerator water is sometimes filtered; however, this depends on the refrigerator brand and model and whether or not it comes with a built-in fridge filter.

If you’re not sure whether or not your refrigerator drinking water is filtered, here are three easy ways to find out.

How To Know if Your Fridge Water is Filtered

If you have sensitive tastebuds and you can tell the difference between different water types, try doing a taste test of your refrigerator water and compare it to your normal, unfiltered tap water.

Do a Taste Test

Installed in one of three locations: - Inside the refrigerator in a slot in the top right-hand corner - Inside the fridge in a slot between the two crisper drawers - On the outside of the fridge at the base grille

Check Your Fridge for a Filter

The manual should document the location of any filter housing. So even if there are no fridge filters installed, you should be able to consult the manual to find out where a filter would usually be located.

Consult Your User Manual

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