Fix Yellow Well Water: 5 Causes

Yellow well water looks alarming. Thankfully, the common causes of yellow drinking water from a well aren’t usually harmful to the human body – and they’re usually easy enough to fix.

In this story, we’ve shared the 5 likely causes a yellow water supply in a well, and the easiest ways to fix them.

Let’s jump into the 5 most common reasons why your well has yellow water, and how to fix them.

Ferric Iron

Ferric iron is the most common cause of yellow or orange well water. If your water has a yellow tint and a metallic taste, iron is the likely culprit.


Tannins are natural organic materials that give water a tea-like color. These materials get into water as it flows through decaying vegetation and peaty soils.

Rusty Pipes

Yellow water in your well might not be caused by contaminants in your water supply, but by impurities from rusty pipes and water lines.

Old pipes may begin to corrode, and the force of the water flow through the pipes may cause bits of rust and metal to break off and enter the water.

In this scenario, your yellow water will likely have floating bits of orange or yellow rust, or rust particles that settle at the bottom of a drinking water glass.

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