Fix Leaking Pur Filter: 9 Tips

Dealing with a leaking PUR water filter? Discover the causes and fixes in this story. Explore various PUR filter types like the faucet and pitcher filters.

Let’s take a look at the 9 most likely causes of leaking in a PUR filter – and how to solve them.

Overtightened/undertightened Filter

The solution here is to make sure your PUR water filter is properly tightened, but not overtightened.

Incorrectly Installed Filter

The best way to rectify an issue with an incorrectly installed filter is to reinstall the filter using the proper technique.

Debris in the Filter Housing

You should be able to easily resolve this issue by cleaning the filter housing threads.

For PUR faucet filters: Unscrew the filter and wash the housing in warm, soapy water.

For pitcher PUR filters: Empty the pitcher and remove the lid and pour tray. Take the filter out of the tray and put it to one side.

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