Fix Brown Toilet Water: 8 Causes

Brown toilet water looks horrible, and it can be a frustrating issue to deal with if you don’t know the cause.

Whether you're concerned about guests' perceptions or potential permanent stains from brown toilet water, finding a solution quickly is likely a priority.

Here, you’ll find the 8 most likely causes of brown toilet water, and how to fix them.

Standing Water and General Use

It’s normal for water in your toilet to take on a gray-brown color or dirty tinge after a few weeks of no cleaning.

Rusty Pipes

Over time, rusted pipes will release small amounts of rust into your water, which end up contaminating your toilet.

Rusted Toilet Components

The components in your toilet could also have rusted, leading to brown-looking water in the toilet tank or bowl.

Old toilets are especially prone to rust since they often contain untreated metal components.

It can be difficult to determine the exact cause of the rust since the particles in your water will eventually cause the entire toilet tank and bowl to rust.

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