Filter Pitcher: 11 Great Perks

Thinking of buying a water filter pitcher to filter your tap water at home?

You’re probably wondering what makes this type of filter worth the investment.

Here, we’ve shared everything you should know about the benefits of using a water filter pitcher compared to other filter types.

11 Benefits Of Using A Water Filter Pitcher

Let’s take a look at some of the top benefits of using a water filter pitcher compared to other filter types or no filter at all.

Affordable Upfront Cost

A water pitcher with a filter is one of the most affordable water filtration solutions available for domestic use.

Removes Up To Hundreds Of Drinking Water Contaminants

Another big benefit of water filter pitchers is that they’re highly capable and can remove tens, or even hundreds, of contaminants.

Easy Assembly

Setting up a water filter pitcher is quick and easy: place the filter, attach the upper reservoir to the jug, secure the lid, and fill the reservoir with your first batch of water.

The quick assembly also means that you can easily put your pitcher in storage when you don’t need to use it and take it out when you want to make a batch of filtered water.

The pitcher doesn’t need to constantly be on display if you’d prefer it not to be since it takes just seconds to assemble from storage.

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