Exploring Voss Water's High Price

Wondering why Voss water is one of the most expensive bottled water products at your local store? What gives Voss such a a high price tag, and is it worth the cost?

We’ve shared the top 9 reasons why Voss water is so expensive in this guide.

The main reason why Voss Water is more expensive than other brands is the water location.

Water Source

On a similar subject, the quality of Voss water is another reason why it’s more expensive than other bottled waters.

Water Quality

Voss Water might be sourced from a protected aquifer, but it still undergoes significant treatment at the bottling plant before it’s shipped out for drinking.

Water Treatment

Voss has spent millions of dollars on marketing its bottled drinking water as a luxury, premium product.

Marketing & Reputation

Voss is one of the few bottled water brands to sell its water in glass bottles.

Bottle Design & Materials

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