Eliminate Cryptosporidium: 5 Ways


Cryptosporidium is a surface water contaminant that’s known to cause a waterborne disease called cryptosporidiosis.

Here, we’ve shared our top 5 methods of removing cryptosporidium oocysts from drinking water.

Here, we’ve shared our top 5 recommended methods of removing cryptosporidium with an at-home water treatment system.

Reverse Osmosis System

Reverse osmosis is one of the most effective methods of removing cryptosporidium from drinking water.

1-Micron Absolute Filter

These filters will provide consistent cryptosporidium removal, while a nominal 1-micron filter may allow 20-30% of cryptosporidium to slip through.

UV Purifier

A UV purifier, a point-of-entry water treatment system, deactivates crypto in water, preventing its reproduction and disease.

There have been concerns over the effectiveness of UV purification to treat water containing cryptosporidium.

The average cost of a POE UV light, which treats your whole home’s water supply, is $1,000-$1,300.

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