Does Hard Water Make Hair Greasy?

Greasy hair? The problem could be triggered by washing in hard water.

Here, we’ve explained the effects of hard water on hair greasiness, and what you can do to prevent the problem at home.

Showering in hard water can make hair greasy because calcium and magnesium deposits hinder shampoo’s lathering abilities, and causing you to wash your hair more frequently.

First, washing your hair in hard water will affect the water’s ability to lather with shampoo.

In an ideal situation, water interacts with the soap surfactants, causing a lather to form when you rub the shampoo into your scalp.

But hard water minerals react with the fatty acids in soap, forming an insoluble layer called soap scum. This reduces the soap’s ability to lather, which, in turn, reduces its cleaning abilities.

You may notice that your hair is greasy after washing in hard water because you simply haven’t cleaned your hair as thoroughly as intended with shampoo.

Excess product in your hair will cause it to look greasy even after washing due to the presence of oils and chemicals in the shampoo/conditioner.

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