Does Distilled Water Expire?

Distilled water has the advantage of being completely pure – but what does that mean for its shelf life? How long does distilled water last, and can it go bad? How do you know if distilled water is bad?

We’ve combined our knowledge and experience in the water treatment industry with our research into the science behind distilled water to answer all these questions and more.

Like any water type, distilled water can go bad. However, distilled water is far less likely to go bad than normal tap water because it has been treated with a purification process known as distillation.

What’s The Shelf Life of Distilled Water?

The shelf life of unopened distilled water is indefinite. The manufacturer might advise a best-before date around 3-5 years into the future, but as long as the water is stored correctly.

The shelf life of opened distilled water is 12 months, as long as the water is stored properly in glass bottles with lids. Ideally, store the water in your refrigerator or in a cool, dry place.

What Could Cause Distilled Water To Go Bad?

– Exposure to dust or airborne particles – Contamination from the materials in the storage container – Airborne contamination that enters the water through a damaged container

How Can You Tell if Distilled Water is Bad?

If you usually drink distilled water, you’ll know that it has a pretty bland, “flat” taste. When drinking distilled water that’s gone bad, you may notice unusual or unpleasant water tastes.

How Long Can You Keep Distilled Water After Opening?

You can keep distilled water for up to 12 months after opening, depending on your purpose.

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