Does Boiling Water Remove Lead?

You might have heard that boiling water makes it safe to drink.  So, you’d think boiled water is safe from lead.

But, is it really?  The answer?


Why doesn’t boiling water remove lead?

Lead doesn’t turn to gas when heated.

Lead isn’t a live organism that can be killed when heated.

As water evaporates, lead remains.

Activated Carbon Filters

You may need one or more of these:

Reverse Osmosis Filters

KDF Filters & Ion Exchange Resins

Water Distillers

How can you remove lead from water? 

Drink bottled water

Avoid using hot water from tap

Immediate, but costly and eco-unfriendly

Hot water absorbs lead faster

Run your water for 5 minutes

Water can be in contact with lead pipes for long. Flush it out.

Reducing Lead Exposure

Short-term Solutions

It's a bluish-gray heavy metal that has no use in the human body.

It's been used in industrial and manufacturing processes for a long time.

What is lead?

Lead gathers in the body over time, causing health issues like:

High Blood pressure

Cardiovascular problems

Reproductive issues

Kidney dysfunction

Lead poisoning

Lead Health Effects

Most often lead contamination comes from plumbing, lead pipes or fittings that contain lead.

How does lead get into water?

Even drinking trace amounts could lead to harmful health effects.


Is there a safe level of lead in water?

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