DIY RV  Water Filter System

Why Do-It-Yourself?


You get to choose which you use that’s tailor-fitted to your needs


You can add more filters for more effective overall performance

Ease of maintenance

Troubleshooting and replacement gets easier when you know your systems


A prefabricated system is more expensive


It’s easier than you think

Why not?


That’s why you pay those who have the time – the pros

Quality control

A reputable manufacturer’s workmanship can guarantee good quality. Can yours?

It’s all on you

You’ll have to be ready not to ask for help

How to DIY?

Step 1 Test Your Water (optional)

Step 2: Gather your materials

Step 3: Design your filter

You'll probably use

Water Filters

Shutoff And Bypass Valves

Pressure Gauges

Water Pressure Regulator

Step 4: Install the system

Step 5: Try Your Filtered Water

Install the system in the best location. Put it near your RV water supply’s entry.

If you install it outside, protect it from the elements.

Hand-tighten your plastic fittings. Don't use a metal wrench.


Use plumber’s tape to make seals.

Maintain your system. Replace filters every 4-6 months.

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