Diamond Crystal vs Morton: A Comparison

Morton and Diamond Crystal are two names you’re probably familiar with if you buy salt for your water softener.

These two brands offer a range of salt crystals, pellets, and bars, as well as water softener salt alternatives (potassium chloride) and non-softener salts (like table salt and kosher salt).

In this guide, we’ll be comparing and reviewing Diamond Crystal vs Morton water softener salt, helping you to decide which brand is best for your needs.

Diamond Crystal Salt

Diamond Crystal’s salt products are known for their high purity (they usually exceed 99.6-99.8% sodium chloride), making them a great choice for effective water softening.

Most of Morton’s salt products are high purity, typically exceeding 99.8% sodium chloride (depending on the salt type), so you can benefit from effective water softening and minimal impurity buildup in your softener tanks.

Morton Salt

Both Diamond Crystal and Morton water softener salts are designed to be used in most types of salt-based ion exchange water softeners.

What Water Softeners Are They Suitable For?

The high purity of this salt type means that it dissolves well in water and effectively removes hardness minerals during ion exchange, which means you can enjoy the intended softening outcome.

Performance Comparison Diamond Crystal Salt

The Morton Salt Crystals are a good choice for people who prefer natural salt, although we couldn’t find any information on the salt’s exact purity, so we can’t judge its performance based on this important feature.

Morton Salt

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