Decoding Fridge Water: Tap or Not?

Where does the water from your fridge come from? Is it the same as the drinking water from your faucets?

In this story, we’ve discussed everything you should know about the safety and quality of water from your refrigerator, and how it compares to tap water.

Refrigerator water is tap water. Your fridge gets water from the same pipe as your kitchen sink.

The only difference between fridge water and tap water is that most refrigerators have their own water filters, so fridge water is usually better quality than normal tap water.

Fridge water comes from a water supply line in your home. Our homes have water pipes spanning through most rooms.

Where Does Fridge Water Come From?

Yes, fridge water is safe to drink because it’s the same drinking water that’s delivered to your kitchen sink.

Is Fridge Water Safe To Drink?

Yes, fridge water is usually better than sink water because it has fewer contaminants and tastes nicer.

Is Fridge Water Better Than Sink Water?

Most refrigerator filters can remove chlorine from your water source at the very least. That means your fridge can supply water that’s free from the chemical taste and odor of chlorine.

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