Dealing with Coliform Bacteria in Well Water

Understanding Coliform Bacteria

Coliform bacteria are common in soil and plants.

Harmless types coexist in human and animal digestive tracts.

Harmful types, including total coliform and E. coli, indicate contamination.

Health Risks from Coliform Bacteria

Symptoms range from fever to gastrointestinal issues.

Vulnerable groups like children and the elderly are at higher risk.

Long-term exposure may lead to urinary tract infections and typhoid.

Sources of Contamination

Enter wells through surface water runoff

Common entry points include poorly sealed well caps and pipes

Shallow wells near animal waste or sewage systems

Testing Methods

Private Laboratory Testing


Offers comprehensive analysis of bacterial contamination

Provides insights into overall water quality

Higher cost but thorough results

Well Water Testing Kit


Affordable and accessible testing option

Immediate results for bacterial presence

Limited in providing detailed contamination levels

Solutions for Removal

UV Light Treatment


Targets bacteria, protozoa, and viruses

Installed at water's point of entry

Low maintenance and long-term solution



Adds measured chlorine to water

Effective in breaking chemical bonds of pathogens

Often paired with carbon filtration for comprehensive treatment

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