Clearly Filtered vs Hydroviv

Clearly Filtered is a brand that’s known for its pitcher filters, fridge and bottle filters, and under-counter water filters, with superior contaminant removal capabilities.

Hydroviv is best known for its customized filtration solutions – you’ll get your own dedicated filter made for you by the company’s “Water Nerds” based on your water quality.

In this guide, we’ve compared Clearly Filtered Vs Hydroviv, helping you to determine which, if any, is best for your situation.

Clearly Filtered Filters

Clearly Filtered manufactures several different types of point-of-use water filters: – A 3-Stage Under the Sink Water Filter System – A Filtered Water Pitcher – Several Filtered Water Bottles – A Universal Inline Fridge Filter

Hydroviv’s main filter offerings are: – An Under Sink Water Filter – A Shower Filter – A Refrigerator/Ice Maker Water Filter

Hydroviv Filters

The Clearly Filtered refrigerator and under-sink water filter systems can both remove 232+ contaminants, offering a performance to rival reverse osmosis filters, but without the water waste.

What Contaminants Do They Remove?

Hydroviv filters don’t have an official number of contaminants that they can remove – this depends on the types of filter materials that are used in your custom filter based on your water quality.

Clearly Filtered is renowned for its highly capable contaminant removal abilities. As for Hydroviv, the Under-Sink Filter offering has a respectable 2 GPM flow rate (most kitchen sink faucets have a maximum flow of 2.2 gallons anyway).

Performance Comparison

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