Chlorine Smell: 6 Causes

Suddenly smelling chlorine bleach in your home can be slightly alarming. Luckily, most of the common reasons for sudden chlorine smells are no major cause for concern and easily resolved.

In this story, we’ve outlined the 6 likely reasons why your house might suddenly smell of chlorine – and shared our tips on what to do about it.

Here, we’ve listed the possible causes of a chlorine odor in your home.

Accidental Bleach Spillage

A sudden bleach or chlorine odor in your home most likely results from accidental spills or mixing bleach with other cleaning chemicals, possibly occurring in a cupboard.

Excess Chlorine In Tap Water

In most cases, you should never smell chlorine in your water. Your drinking water supply should only contain trace amounts of this disinfectant.

Toilet Bowl Cleaners Or Chlorine-Based Detergents

A mild chlorine-like odor in your home may be coming from a toilet bowl cleaner or a chlorine-based detergent.

Chlorine-based detergents are used in dishwashers to kill bacteria, sanitizing and disinfecting your dishes with every wash.

Toilet bowl cleaner tablets stick to your toilet bowl and fight bacteria and unpleasant toilet odors – usually with bleach and artificial air-freshening smells.

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