Chicago Drinking Water: Safe or Not?

Whether you live in Chicago or you plan to visit the City soon, you might be wondering about the safety of its drinking water.

Can you drink Chicago’s tap water, and does it contain any contaminants that you should be concerned about?

We’ve answered these questions and discussed everything you should know about the safety of Chicago’s drinking water in this guide.

Can You Drink Chicago Tap Water?

Yes, you can safely drink Chicago’s tap water because the City’s water utility monitors, tests, and treats the water to ensure it’s legally compliant with standards set by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

The main source of Chicago tap water is Lake Michigan. This scenic surface water source supplies water to Chicago’s intake crib, before tunneling underneath the lake bed and beginning treatment.

Where Does the Tap Water in Chicago Come From?

The drinking water in Chicago is managed and regulated by The Chicago Department of Water Management.

Who Regulates Chicago Drinking Water?

Chicago’s Gov website is the place to find Water Quality Reports, or Consumer Confidence Reports (CCRs), for Chicago tap water, dating all the way back to 2005.

Chicago Water Quality Report

You can drink Chicago tap water in most public places because the majority of bars, restaurants, and hotels access the same city water supply as the residential properties.

Chicago Drinking Water in Public Places

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