Can You Use Filtered Water for Baby Formula?

You’ve probably heard that are some rules around the type of water you should use for baby formula. But is it okay to use filtered water for this purpose?

But is it okay to use filtered water for this purpose? We’ve answered this question and discussed everything else you probably want to know in this story.

You can use filtered water to prepare baby formula. That applies to any type of filtered water, including water from: - Refrigerator filters - Faucet-mount filters - Under-sink water filters

Filtered water is better than tap water for baby formula because it’s cleaner and purer.

Filtered water lacks many of the contaminants that are present in trace amounts in tap water.

Most tap water supplies are chlorinated, and over 70% of the US population had fluoridated tap water according to CDC data gathered in 2020.

There are hundreds of other contaminants that are present in many water supplies, including heavy metals like lead, VOCs, pharmaceuticals, PFAS, pesticides, and chromium-6.

These contaminants are legally acceptable and not thought to have health effects in low levels in our water supplies.

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