Can Water Softeners be Installed in the Garage?

Can a water softener be installed in a garage? What do you need to consider when choosing a garage as your install location?

We’ve discussed everything you should know in this story.

You can install a water softener in a garage. For many homeowners, a garage is the best location to install water treatment equipment like water softeners.

Here are the key things to consider before you install a water softener system in your garage:


First, determine the proximity of your garage to your water pipe’s point of entry into your home.


Also consider the temperature of the garage throughout the seasons. Unless you’ve converted your garage into another living space, you probably don’t heat it during the winter months.


You’ll also need to make sure you have enough space at the install location for your water softener to fit comfortably.

Remember, you'll need extra space for easy access when topping up salt or performing maintenance on both softener tanks.

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