Can Dogs Drink Softened Water?

Dogs can drink softened water like humans.


Is softened water safe for dogs?

But, if salt-softened water is not good for your dog’s diet, stick to normal tap water.

What is softened water?

It’s water with greatly reduced mineral content and contains a small amount of salt

In fact, like humans, dogs need sodium in their diets.


What is the effect on dogs?

So, trace amounts of salt is actually healthy.

On healthy dogs,

When not to give soft water to a dog?

If your dog is on a low-sodium diet

Your vet might restrict sodium if your dog

Is at risk of kidney or heart issues

Has high blood pressure

If you have an elderly dog

Old dogs are at a greater risk of blood pressure and cardiovascular issues.

So, even if the health reports are good, best to avoid soft water.

If your dog has high blood pressure

Avoid anything that worsens hypertension, including sodium-enhanced water.

If your dog prefers hard water

Your pooch with picky tastes might detect a slightly salty taste in soft water.

Just feed normal water instead.

Alternatives To Soft Water

Opt for a water filter system to rid your water of many trace contaminants. What’s safe for you should be safe for your pets.


You could use bottled water. Choose a brand of filtered bottled water or healthy natural spring water.

Soft water lacks minerals but has a little sodium, while hard water has excess minerals but less salt.

Just pick according to preference and health safety.

It’s just generally safe and not a must anyway.

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