Brita Water Tastes Weird: 5 Possible Causes and Solutions

Noticed that your water tastes weird after filtering it with a Brita filter?

I've highlighted reasons for Brita water's taste issues based on my experience and water treatment knowledge in this piece.

There are five main reasons why water from your Brita filter might taste bad.

The Filter Needs Priming (Or Re-Priming)

First, if you’ve just started using your Brita filter and have noticed a poor water taste, the issue could be that the filter needs priming.

You’re Not Used to Filtered Water

Another possible reason for bad-tasting filter water from a Brita filter is simply that you’re not used to the altered taste of filtered water.

You Can Taste Contaminants That the Filter Can’t Remove

On the other end, the unpleasant taste in your Brita filtered water might actually come from certain contaminants that Brita can’t remove.

A Brita water filter can only remove a handful of contaminants, including chlorine, some heavy metals, and a few chemicals.

If your water has elevated dissolved solids, you may taste contaminants not targeted by your Brita filter, especially if you're accustomed to filtered bottled water.

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