Brita Pitcher: Maximum Fill Level

Owning a Brita pitcher is a bit different from owning a normal water pitcher. The pitcher is formed of two sections, and a filtration process sends water from the top reservoir into the bottom section.

Tap water slowly filters through the pitcher, and if you try to add too much water, too fast, you might end up overfilling the jug.

In this article, we’ve shared our guidance on how full you should fill a Brita pitcher, based on information from Brita and our own experience.

You should only fill a Brita water pitcher full enough to store the unfiltered and filtered water without leaking.

How Full Can You Fill A Brita Water Pitcher?

Yes, you can overfill a Brita pitcher. Adding too much tap water at once to the top reservoir in the pitcher will cause water to spill into the handle and leak out of the jug.

Can You Overfill A Brita Pitcher?

Overflow Of Water From Top Reservoir One of the most likely outcomes of filling a Brita filter pitcher too full is overflowing from the top reservoir.

What Happens If You Fill A Brita Pitcher Too Full?

The simplest way to prevent overfilling a Brita water pitcher is to only fill to the MAX FILL line.

How Can You Avoid Overfilling A Brita Pitcher

There’s no set timeline on when you should refill a Brita water pitcher, since this depends on your family size and the rate at which you use drinking water. We recommend refilling a Brita water pitcher as and when it makes sense to.

When Should You Refill A Brita Pitcher?

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