Bathroom Bacteria: What’s Lurking in Your Hotel Shower?

In today’s world of frequent travel and bustling tourism, many people find comfort in booking a beautiful hotel room or a charming home-sharing space.

To reveal the hidden microscopic inhabitants of these inviting spaces, we swabbed and tested multiple surfaces in hotel and home-sharing bathrooms.

Join us as we pull back the curtain on bathroom hygiene and discover who your silent shower companions might be.

The allure of a luxurious hotel bathroom, with its polished chrome and sparkling surfaces, suggests purity and cleanliness. But our swabs tell a different story.

The results are in, and the winner of the germiest place in either bathroom was the sink faucet.

Hotel showerheads were also teeming with bacteria: 9 million colony-forming units of Gram-positive rod bacteria, 4 million of Gram-negative rod bacteria, and 300,000 CFUs of its type II variant.

Even the shower handle harbored 50 CFUs of bacillus and 20 CFUs of Gram-negative rod bacteria. And that inviting hotel tub? It hosted 20,000 CFUs of bacteria.

Turning our attention to home-sharing bathrooms, we uncovered a surprising find — they had three times more bacteria than a hotel bathroom.

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