Assessing Poland Spring Water Quality

Poland Spring bottled water lines the shelves of most supermarkets in the US – but is it good water?

Here, we’ve shared our opinion on the taste, quality, and value for money of Poland Spring bottled drinking water. 

I’ve also looked at where this water comes from – and the controversy surrounding the brand’s claims in this regard.

Is Poland Spring Good Water?

Poland Spring water tastes pleasant due to its natural mineral content, but it doesn’t have the freshness or crispness of a more expensive bottled spring water product.

Water is also sourced from the Garden Spring in the same region, as well as Cold Springs in Denmark.

Where Does Poland Spring Water Come From?

If you’re looking for natural spring water, avoid the Poland Spring brand and choose a bottled water product that has a genuine source.

Is Poland Spring Water Worth It?

If you enjoy the taste and quality of bottled spring water, our top recommendation for you is Mountain Valley Spring Water.

Natural Spring Water: Mountain Valley Spring Water

Filtering your water at home is more cost-effective than sustaining a bottled water habit, and it also gives you more control over what your water contains.

Filtered Water At Home: Clearly Filtered Water Pitcher

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