11 Most Expensive Water Brands in the World


Thought that $5 for a bottle of water at your local grocery store was pretty steep? Astonishingly, there are bottled water brands that sell water for that price – but with an extra one or two zeros.

Yes, luxury bottled water is actually a thing, and we can only imagine who spends their money on it.

But if you’re curious about which bottled water brands cost the most at the moment, we’ve done the research and pooled together a list of the most expensive bottled waters we could find.


A 720ml bottle of still on the Fine Liquids website is currently priced at just over $4,200.00.


We personally think the bottles look a bit cheap, not expensive, but a single bottle of water in a golden-drip frosted glass will set you back just under $50.


Ô Amazon Air Water is one of the most uniquely sourced water products we’ve come across in our research.

It captures water directly from the humid air in the Amazon rainforest, which has been naturally filtered by the trees.

We can’t find the Ô Amazon Air Water available on the brand’s website or anywhere else at the moment, but other sources said that a 750 ml bottle costs €70 (around $77 USD).

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