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Water Filters – A Comprehensive Guide

water filters

Water filters have become a popular home appliance in recent years. These systems help to properly remove common contaminants from water before use or consumption. In order to know which type of filter you need, its best to first understand a few things about water quality and the various options available.

First, its important to get a good understanding of your home’s water quality. You will want to know where your water comes from, its mineral contents, and any possible contaminants it might contain.

As you are doing your homework to gather this information, here are some questions to keep in mind:

  • Does your water come from a municipal treatment plant or private well?
  • Are there high concentrations of any specific minerals in your water?
  • What common contaminants might be found in your water?
  • Are there particular substances you know you want to remove?

Check out this guide to learn all about test your home’s water quality.

Next, you’ll want to learn about the various types of water filters available.

There are basically two categories to choose from:

  1. Point-of-use (POU) systems
  2. Point-of-entry (POE) systems

Point-of-use water filters filter the water at the location where it is being used. Countertop, shower head, faucet, and under sink filters are all examples of POU systems.

Point-of-entry filters are connected to the main waterline of your house. Water is filtered first thing upon entering your home, before being used. A major advantage of POE systems is that all appliances and locations water is used will benefit from filtered water.

The last step is to identify the exact product for your water filtration needs. Knowing your water quality and which type of system you need will allow you to start to narrow your search and read up on product reviews.

Check out the sections below to learn about various types of water filters, removing specific contaminants, and detailed product reviews of the best water filters on the market today!

The Best Water Filters

Point of Use (POU)

Point of Entry (POE)

Filters for Specific Contaminants

Water Filter Product Reviews