Turapur Pitcher Review 2024: Is it a Scam/ Hoax?

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The Turapur Water Pitcher is a water filtration pitcher that – as claimed by the manufacturer – removes select contaminants and increases water’s pH.

In this review, we’ve shared the most important specs, features, performance highlights, and pros and cons of the Trurapur Pitcher. By the end, you should be an expert on this filter – including how it’s made, what it does, and what it can’t do – with enough knowledge to decide whether or not the filter is worth your money.

🧾 Overview

The Turapur Water Pitcher combines activated carbon media, ion exchange resin, and infrared ceramics, magnesium, and tourmaline, to remove a handful of harmful impurities and produce hydrogen-rich water.

This filtered water pitcher uses gravity filtration to slowly filter and alkalize drinking water. The pitcher is easy to set up and is suitable for small households of one to three people.

Turapur Pitcher



πŸ“ System Specifications

Pitcher materialsBPA-free plastic
Pitcher capacityNot mentioned
Filter materialsActivated carbon, ion exchange, magnesium, infrared ceramics, and tourmaline
Filter performanceSoftening, filtration, and alkalization
NSF certifications?ONLY for the activated carbon media
Filter lifespan90 gallons/ 60 days
Warranty3 years
Satisfaction guarantee30 days

πŸ’‘ Features

Multi-Stage Filtration

The Turapur water pitcher combines three filtration stages into a single filter cartridge. The pitcher uses gravity filtration to send water through the filter into the bottom chamber.

BPA-Free Plastic Design

The plastic used to make the Turapur jug is lightweight and BPA-free, so it won’t add anything nasty to your water.

NSF Certified

The carbon filter stage is officially certified to remove chlorine, tastes, and odors from drinking water.

60-Day Filter Lifespan

The filters in the Turapur water filter pitcher last for about 60 days, or 90 gallons – whichever comes first.

3-Year Warranty

The Turapur water filter pitcher is backed by a decent 3-year warranty and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

🚦 Performance

We evaluate the performance of water pitcher filters by their contaminant removal ability, their flow rate and filtration time, their potential certifications, and any other features that boost the performance of the filter.

The Turapur pitcher offers a good, if not slightly average, performance for a pitcher of its kind. The pitcher combines activated carbon and ion exchange, two popular filter media that are often used in pitcher filters, as well as three media that produce alkalized, hydrogen-rich water.

The Turapur pitcher removes chlorine, VOCs, and taste and odor from drinking water. This contaminant removal is pretty lacking compared to some of the best pitchers on the market today.

❗️ Plus, Turapur has no test data sheet to prove the filter’s performance in this respect.

The good news is that the carbon filter is NSF certified, so you have third-party proof of its performance. None of the other filter media or the pitcher itself are certified, though.

As for flow rate, the Turapur water filter pitcher delivers water at a pretty standard speed for a gravity-based pitcher. It takes just over 10 minutes for the entire pitcher to filter, but you can pour from the jug at any time without having to wait for an entire batch to filter first.

Some customers claim that the Turapur water pitcher is a scam or a hoax. We wouldn’t go that far, but based on the average performance of the pitcher, we don’t think it’s worth the money. We’ve shared some of our favorite alternatives to the pitcher at the bottom of this guide.

Turapur inside the box

πŸ”§ Installation & Maintenance

The Turapur water filter pitcher is as easy to set up as any standard pitcher water filtration system.

The pitcher is designed to be a free-standing, portable countertop filter, using the force of gravity to send water through the filter. You don’t need to connect the pitcher to your water supply as you would with an under-sink or faucet filter.

To set up the Turapur filter, follow these steps:

  1. Remove the new filter from its packaging
  2. Pull off the stickers at the bottom of the filter
  3. Leave the filter to soak for up to 15 minutes in normal tap water
  4. Click the filter in place inside the pitcher
  5. Fill the pitcher with a batch of drinking water and wait for the water to be filtered
  6. Discard this first batch
  7. The filter is now ready to use

Maintenance is also pretty standard for a water pitcher filter. The filter cartridge should be replaced every 90 gallons or two months.

Turapur offers a one-year supply of filters for just $79. We’d suggest buying a single filter for around $17.95 while you decide whether or not you want to commit to using the pitcher for a year. Compared to the average cost of filter replacements for pitcher models, Turapur’s replacement filters are a good deal.

Turapur also recommends cleaning the filter by filling the pitcher with a white vinegar solution on a once-weekly basis.

Setting up the turapur water filter pitcher

πŸ“ Filter Info: What You Need to Know

The Turapur pitcher uses a blend of several filter media to produce filtered, alkaline, hydrogen-rich water. These media are:

  • Activated carbon media – removes chlorine, taste and odor
  • Ion exchange resin – softens water (why???)
  • Infrared ceramics, magnesium, and tourmaline – alkalizes and adds hydrogen ions to water

Let’s break down these media and their purposes.

Activated carbon media is a popular choice for water filter pitchers. Turapur’s activated carbon media is certified for chlorine removal, which is great. However, the capabilities of this media are lacking compared to many of Turapur’s competitors that also use activated carbon media.

The ion exchange media is designed to soften water, which is essentially pointless in a point of use filter. The purpose of a standard point of entry water softener is to protect your home’s pipes and appliances from limescale. There are no real benefits of drinking soft water – in fact, hardness minerals have health benefits, so getting rid of them decreases water’s health properties.

The infrared ceramics, magnesium, and tourmaline media are designed to boost water’s pH to 9. There are several proposed health benefits of alkaline water, including improved digestion, slowed aging, and stronger bones. But the evidence to support these claims is limited.

Additionally, when water flows over magnesium, a chemical reaction occurs, resulting in the release of free hydrogen. Hydrogen ions play an essential role in the body, but Turapur’s hydrogen water is only known to have limited benefits – it might be beneficial to patients undergoing radiation or people with metabolic syndrome. The research into these benefits is minimal.

There’s also the issue that magnesium isn’t guaranteed to react with cold water, meaning that free hydrogen may not even be produced in the Turapur pitcher – and any hydrogen gas that is produced may simply evaporate out of the water. What does this mean? Drinking Turapur water daily may not introduce any additional hydrogen into your body.

As for filter lifespan, the Turapur filters are designed to last for 60 days. Given that the typical lifespan of pitcher filters is 2-3 months, the Turapur water filters are bang-on average.

Filtering water with turapur water pitcher

πŸ”” Pros & Cons

πŸ‘ What We Like

  • Affordable up-front and maintenance costs
  • The Turapur pitcher is easy to set up and use – you just click the filter into place and pour tap water into the jug
  • The filters last for up to 60 days, which is pretty decent
  • The carbon filter has an official NSF certification for chlorine
  • The pitcher comes with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee and a 3-year warranty

πŸ‘Ž What We Don’t Like

  • Aside from removing chlorine, bad tastes, and odors from water, the Turapur pitcher doesn’t remove any additional harmful chemicals or contaminants
  • Turapur water filters supposedly soften water, which doesn’t offer any health benefits
  • There’s limited evidence to support the benefits of alkaline, hydrogenated water
  • There’s no guarantee that the Turapur pitcher even adds extra free hydrogen to water
  • The purchase process is strange and outdated

❔ Frequently Asked Questions

How long do Turapur filters last?

Turapur filters last for 90 gallons, or about two months. You can buy a replacement cartridge from the Turapur website online.

Is the Turapur water pitcher NSF certified?

The carbon media in the Turapur filter is NSF certified, but none of the other filter media or the unit itself have an NSF certification.

Is Turapur for real?

Yes, the Turapur filter is real, and the filter’s contaminant removal process is legitimate. Is Turapur one of the best filters around? No, but it’s also not a scam or a hoax.

Does Turapur remove fluoride?

No. There’s no testing data online, and no mention that Turapur removes fluoride. A special media, such as activated alumina or bone charcoal carbon, is often needed to remove fluoride. Turapur’s filters don’t contain any of these media.

Is Turapur water better than bottled water?

It depends on what brand and type of water you buy, but generally, no, Turapur water isn’t better than bottled drinking water. Most bottled waters are treated with a thorough filtration process, such a reverse osmosis system. Turapur water, on the other hand, isn’t purified water. It contains more contaminants and fewer minerals than the average bottled drinking water product.

Are alkaline water pitchers worth it?

Alkaline water pitchers are worth it if one of your most important features of a water filter is its ability to boost your water’s pH and potentially introduce healthy minerals. If your priority is contaminant removal, consider looking at non-alkaline water pitchers that remove a much greater range of contaminants.

What are some good alternatives to the Turapur water pitcher?

If you’re looking for a highly capable water filter pitcher that removes hundreds of contaminants from water, we recommend the Clearly Filtered Water Pitcher. If you’re specifically looking for an alkalizing water filter pitcher, the Invigorated Water pH Restore Alkaline Water Pitcher is the best that’s currently available.

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