Town of Greenwood Under Boil Water Notice Following Leak

The Town of Greenwood in Louisiana has been issued a boil water notice after a leak that occurred yesterday (Sunday, 01 August).

Residents first reported issues with water pressure in the early hours of Sunday morning. Authorities received calls from local water customers who had experienced water pressure drops or had no water pressure whatsoever.

It took Greenwood officials just under an hour to diagnose the issue. A citizen informed authorities of a local water leak, and it was determined that a release valve was stuck open, allowing water to flood out.

In an update posted on Facebook, a representative of the town explained that this issue was now resolved, and officials were working on restoring water pressure to the community.

Several hours later, an official boil water notice was issued to residents, explaining that a leak caused by a mechanical issue had led to an interruption to the local water service.

As well as being asked to boil their water, residents were asked to conserve their water to allow the system to regain water pressure at a faster rate. However, this was only required yesterday (on Sunday, 1 August).

Residents should follow the boil water order until further notice. Updates are pending.

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