Precautionary Boil Water Advisory Issued to Residents in Cedar Rapids, IA

A small part of the City of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, has been issued a boil water advisory following a water main break on Friday, August 20.

City officials have asked that residents in a total of 16 households should consider boiling their water.

The break in the water line supplying these residents posed the risk of a bacteria contamination. The affected homes are all located on Richmond Rd. NE. You can view the full list below:

1427 Richmond Rd. NE
1432 Richmond Rd. NE
1433 Richmond Rd. NE
1438 Richmond Rd. NE
1439 Richmond Rd. NE
1445 Richmond Rd. NE
1450 Richmond Rd. NE
1453 Richmond Rd. NE
1457 Richmond Rd. NE
1460 Richmond Rd. NE
1461 Richmond Rd. NE
1500 Richmond Rd. NE
1501 Richmond Rd. NE
1504 Richmond Rd. NE
1505 Richmond Rd. NE
1508 Richmond Rd. NE

While residents in nearby areas may have also experienced low water pressure, they are not being advised to take any additional precautions, and their water is considered safe to drink without boiling.

The broken water main has now been repaired, and water pressure restored. The affected area has been flushed, and workers must now await the result of a bacteria sample analysis and monitor chlorine levels.

While there is no evidence of contamination, it’s possible for bacteria to get into a water supply when a leak occurs.

Bacteria test results are estimated to be returned by 3 p.m. Sunday, August 22. If the results are negative for bacteria, the boil advisory will be lifted.

For more information, check the City’s website. You can also learn more about boil water advisories here.