Northern Kentucky Water District Issues Boil Water Advisory to Ft. Thomas, Highland Heights

A boil water advisory has been issued to residents in Fort Thomas, Highland Heights after a main water line was struck by a telecommunications contractor working in the area.

The advisory was issued yesterday (Tuesday, August 10) by the Northern Kentucky Water District as a precautionary measure.

When the water line was hit, it caused a drop in water pressure, which posed the risk of contamination of the public water system.

The advisory is effective immediately and until further notice. Residents received the advisory directly, and officials also shared the information on a social media update.

According to the online resource, the advisory applies to the following residents:

Residents in Alexandria Pike, from 700 Alexandria Pike in Ft. Thomas to 2301 Alexandria Pike in Highland Heights.

Residents on the following streets in Fort Thomas: Highland Country Club Dr., Pinnacle Dr., Woodfill Ave, Sheridan Ave, Grant St., Grant Ave, Sherman Ave, Fairview Place, Grant Ave, Bonnie Lane, Concord Ave, Pleasant Ave, Hawthorne Ave, Crowell Ave, Eustace Ave, Pleasant Ave, Riverview Ave, Von Zuben Court, Arlington Place, Hawthorne Ave, Hill Street, Holly Woods Drive, Lamphill Drive, Noonan Ct., Livingston Lane, 3 Mile Rd.

Residents on the following streets in Highland Heights: Veterans Dr., Maple Ave, Main Ave, Frank Drive, Taylor Ave, Rose Ave, Dietrich Dr, Renshaw Rd., Singleton Rd., Louisville Rd., Forest Ave., Lincoln Rd., Davis Rd., Baker Rd., N. Miller Ave, Steelman Ave, Linet Ave, Linet Dr., Winkler Dr., Dale Rd., High St., Blair Ave., Crestwood Ave., Highland Trace, Bramble Ave, Clark Street, Hale Ave, Thompson Rd., Wilson Rd., Wilson Ave., Blange Rd. This notice is effective immediately.

No contamination of the water supply has been confirmed, but precautionary testing is underway. The advisory will be rescinded when testing shows negative results for bacteria. There is no estimate for how many days this will take.

You can find out more about boil water advisories and what they entail here.