City of Lynn Haven Issues Boil Water Notice After Lightning Strike

After lightning struck a water plant in the City of Lynn Haven, FL, officials issued a citywide boil water notice yesterday (Thursday, July 29).

The strike occurred on Water Plant #2, while maintenance was being carried out on Water Plant #1. This resulted in low water pressure, and a temporary boil water notice was issued as a precaution.

In the initial announcement, city officials informed residents that water sampling would take up to two days.

A further update two hours later outlined exactly which parts of the city should continue to follow the boil water notice, and which areas were not affected.

Inspections found that the two water plants served the majority of the city, apart from services south of Mosley Drive/77, including along Mosley Drive and eastward of East Ave/Highway 389.

A color-coded map highlights the affected and unaffected areas, with the unaffected areas being shaded:

In a third update, city officials asked that Lynn Haven residents limit their irrigation system usage until all water systems were restored.

Further updates are pending.

To learn more about what to do if your city issues a boil water notice, click here.