City of Coopersville, MI, Issued with Water Restriction Advisory to Avoid Boil Water Notice

Residents in the City of Coopersville, MI, have been asked to restrict their water usage to avoid the need for a boil water advisory in the local area.

The water restriction notice comes after the Ottowa County Road Commission announced that workers would be making permanent repairs on two leaks in the water transmission main under 60th Avenue.

Preparation for the repairs commenced yesterday (Monday, July 26), and the water restriction notice will span from today (Tuesday, July 27) to Thursday, July 29.

Residents have been advised to limit their water intake, and should avoid using water to wash vehicles, fill pools, or water their lawns. They should also avoid running faucets for an extended period of time.

During repair work, the city’s water supply will be completely shut off. Water will still be supplied from two large towers. Depending on the level of water usage in the city, this water may not be enough to supply homes for the full two days.

In a press release, Ottowa County Road Commission warned that using too much water could cause a pressure drop in the system, and a boil water notice would need to be issued to all affected customers.

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