Boil Water Order Remains in Effect for 4 Towns in South Massachusetts

boil water advisory

A boil water notice issued a week ago for four towns on the South Coast of Massachusetts will remain in place through this week.

The notice was issued on Wednesday, October 6 after E. Coli bacteria was detected in the district’s water supply. 

The four towns that have been issued the boil water notice are Mattapoisett, Fairhaven, Marion and Rochester. Boil water orders remain in effect for all of these towns.

It is anticipated that the order will remain in effect at least until Friday.

Officials have been flushing and testing the water, and the most recent samples show that E. Coli and coliform are still present in Marion and Fairhaven. As Rochester gets just water from Marion, this town is still affected, too.

The town of Mattapoisett tested negative for harmful bacteria, but Mattapoisett residents must also continue to boil their water until the district’s water supply is clear.

Drinking E. Coli can lead to sickness. People with compromised immune systems are especially at risk from this bacteria. 

The water district will notify residents of the four towns when bacteriological test results come back negative for E. Coli, and the boil water notice is lifted.

For more information:

  • Fairhaven residents should call 508-979-4032
  • Mattapoisett residents should call 508-758-4161
  • Residents of Marion and Rochester should call 508-748-3540

    For general guidelines on what to do when a boil water notice is issued, click here.