Boil Water Advisory Remains In Place For May Drive, Boston

boil water advisory

A boil water advisory issued to parts of Boston and Concord on September 23 has been rescinded – but remains in place for just one road.

Residents on May Drive must continue to boil their water according to the advisory, which initially applied to Boston State Road from Omphalius Road south to Trevett Road, Black Creek Road, Boston Cross Road, Mill streets in Boston, and Trevett Road south of Old Trevett Road in Concord.

The advisory was issued as a precautionary measure after a main water line lost water pressure due to a break in the system.

About 800 homes were estimated to be affected, and water was tested to ensure that no contamination had entered into the system.

It’s not clear why the advisory has not been lifted for May Drive in Boston. In the most recent Twitter update, Erie County Water Authority simply asked that customers on this street continue to boil their water until advised otherwise.

No further updates have been shared as of yet.

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