Boil Water Advisory Issued to Parts of Franklin County After Loss of Pressure

boil water advisory

A loss of pressure in the water distribution system supplying parts of Franklin County, OH has led to a boil water advisory being issued to some residents.

The advisory was issued yesterday (Monday, October 4) by the Kansas Department of Health and Environment and applies to parts of the Franklin County Rural Water District No. 6, north of Highway 68 and east of Highway K33.

Although no contamination has been detected, loss of pressure can lead to a drop in chlorine, which is needed to provide adequate disinfection of the water. Reduced chlorine levels can result in bacterial contamination.

Affected residents were notified of the advisory directly. The KDHE also shared an online copy of the notice on Twitter.

It is not yet known how long the advisory will remain in place. Customers should continue to boil their water until further notice. 

To learn what you should do when a boil water notice or advisory is issued, click here.