Boil Water Advisory Issued For Centralia and Camp Hyde: Investigations Ongoing

Boil water advisories have been issued for the city of Centralia in Nemaha County & YMCA Camp Hyde in Sedgwick County, Kansas, due to the potential for bacterial contamination of local water supplies.

The Kansas Department of Health and Environment informed residents of the situation when the advisories were issued on Tuesday, July 13.

A boil water advisory had also been issued for the city of Esbon in Jewell County, but this has since been rescinded.

According to the KDHE, the advisory will remain in effect until there is no longer a risk of bacterial contamination. This will mean resolving the conditions that led to this risk in the first place.

The department said that a loss of pressure caused a failure to maintain the chlorine residuals needed to prevent bacterial contamination.

The advisory is said to not be related to COVID-19. Updates are still pending.

In other water quality news, the KDHE published an update on its ongoing investigation into Tanganyika Park, after seven people tested positive for Shigella bacteria after visiting on June 11.

The department continues to investigate other possible linked illnesses.

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