How Long to Soak a Brita Filter Before Use? (2023 Update)

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Wondering whether a Brita filter needs to be soaked before you can use it for the first time? And if so, how long do you need to soak the filter?

Find the answer to these questions and more in the below guide.

📌 Key Takeaways:

  • You no longer need to soak any of Brita’s water filters because you can now flush the filters instead.
  • You should flush a Brita filter for 15 seconds-5 minutes, depending on the filter type. You might also have to filter and discard several batches of water before you can use the filter.
  • If you don’t flush a Brita filter, you may notice carbon particles in the filtered water.

🤔 Do You Need To Soak Brita Filters?

You no longer need to pre-soak a Brita filter before you start using it to filter water. However, you do still need to flush the filter (which involves either holding the filter under a faucet or installing the filter and allowing it to filter several batches of water, depending on the filter you own) before you can use it.

The only time Brita ever advises you to soak one of its filters is if you have a Standard filter that’s more than 1 year old. In this case, Brita says you should soak the filter for 15 minutes before first use.

Separating brita water pitcher components
Source: How to Change the Filter on Your Brita Grand Pitcher, Youtube, Uploaded by Brita USA

📥 How Long Should You Soak A Brita Filter Before Use?

As we mentioned above, you don’t need to soak a Brita filter before you can use it.

However, if you’re confusing your terms and you actually want to know how long you should flush a Brita filter before use, we have the answer for you here.

Some of Brita’s filters, including the Stream and Standard filters, should be flushed under running water before installing in the Brita pitcher and using to filter/discard several batches of water. A dedicated soaking process beforehand is no longer required.

Other Brita filters need to be flushed for 5 minutes before use.

🚿 Brita Filter Flush Requirements By Filter

Here are the flush requirements for the different Brita water filters available today:

Filter TypeFlush Duration
Brita Standard15 seconds
Brita EliteNo initial flush needed
Brita Stream15 seconds
Brita Faucet5 minutes
Brita Bottle15 seconds

Brita Standard Filters

Brita Standard filters are Brita’s most basic and affordable option for Brita pitcher filters.

To prepare a Standard Brita water filter for use, flush the filter under cold tap water for 15 seconds, then insert the filter into the pitcher and filter/discard three pitchers’ worth of water. This filtering/discarding routine further flushes the filter and replaces the water filter soaking process.

Flushing the water filter pitcher cartridge

Brita Elite Filters

The upgraded Brita water filter for the Brita pitcher is the Elite filter.

To prepare a Brita Elite filter for use, simply insert the filter straight into the pitcher, then filter and discard three batches of water. No need to flush the filter under running water beforehand.

Brita Stream Filters

Brita Stream filters are the final filter cartridge option for Brita pitchers. The Stream filters are designed only for Brita Stream pitchers.

The Stream filter is the easiest pitcher filter to prepare: just hold it under running water for 15 seconds, then insert it into the pitcher and start using it as normal.

Brita Faucet Filters

The Brita faucet filter attaches to the end of your kitchen faucet and delivers filtered water on demand.

To flush the Brita faucet filter, attach the filter to your faucet and turn it on. Let cold water run through the filter for 5 minutes to remove any loose activated carbon dust, then use the filter as normal. Make sure to use cold, not hot, water, since even warm water might damage the filtration mechanism.

Brita Bottle Filters

The Brita bottle filter is a portable water filter that you can use to remove contaminants from your drinking water while you’re on the go.

Brita water bottle filters are the easiest to prepare: just hold the filter under a strong stream of running water from your faucet. Wait 15 seconds, turning the filter to make sure any loose carbon particles are washed out, then insert it into your Brita bottle.

Brita filters

🧐 Can You Use A Brita Filter Right Away?

No. None of the Brita filters can be used immediately after unboxing. You will need to flush the filter or use it to filter several batches of water first.

The purpose of flushing a Brita filter is to remove loose carbon dust and to help the filter media to spread, making it ready for use.

So, while you could technically use a Brita filter right away, it’s always best to follow the manufacturer’s flushing instructions before using the filter for the first time.

🔎 What Happens If You Don’t Soak A Brita Filter?

Nowadays, if you don’t soak a Brita filter, nothing bad will happen – Brita water filters no longer need to be soaked in order to filter properly.

However, you do still need to flush your water filter before use. Failing to do so will mean that loose activated carbon debris, which may have accumulated during production or shipping, will end up contaminating your water.

While a small amount of carbon dust isn’t harmful to your health, you probably don’t want to drink water with small particles of black stuff floating in it. That’s why Brita (and many other water pitcher manufacturers) recommend flushing every new filter before you start using it to filter your water.

Will failing to flush a Brita filter affect the filter’s performance? Unlikely.

Flushing a new or replacement water filter primarily ensures that your filtered drinking water looks as great as it tastes.

However, flashing a filter also allows the filter media to expand and spread evenly, which can help to boost its performance and ensure that the filter can remove impurities across its entire surface area. That guarantees filtered, great-tasting water for you.

Loose carbon in water

📑 Final Word

There’s still a bit of outdated information online that says you need to soak Brita filters, despite the fact that Brita has updated the majority of its online content and user manuals to reflect the new, easier flushing method of preparing the filters for use.

So, if you have a new or replacement filter that you need to use in a Brita system, your job is nice and easy. Depending on the filter you have, you might need to flush the filter for an allotted period of time, or filter and discard a few batches of water, before you can use it.

If in doubt, check the manufacturer’s instructions in your user manual. All the information about flushing the filter should be available there.

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