GE GXSH45V 45,000 Grain Water Softener Review (Updated: 2023)

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Keen to know more about the GE GXSH45V 45,000 Grain Water Softener? This review covers all the most important information about this GE model, including its specs and features, performance, pros, and cons.

🧾 Overview

The GE GXSH45V 45,000 Grain Water Softener is a 45,100-grain water softener, manufactured by GE Appliances, that can remove up to 160 grains per gallon of water hardness.

This system is the largest GE water softener available and is ideal for households of four to six people with an above-average water usage. The system has a flow rate of 9.5 gallons.

GE GXSH45V 45,000 Grain Water Softener



πŸ“ System Specifications

Capacity 45,100 grains
Dimensions (WxHxD)14.4 x 47.6 x 22.4 inches
Unit colorLight gray
Control typeElectronic
Salt storage capacity230 pounds
Max. hardness removal160 GPG
Max. clear water iron reduction12 PPM
Plumbing connectionUp to 1 1/4
Regeneration time139 mins
Service flow rate9.5 GPM
Electronic rating24V; 60Hz
WarrantyLimited 1-year (entire appliance)
Limited 10-year (resin/brine tank)
Limited 3-year (electronic monitor)

πŸ’‘ Features

45,000 Grain Capacity

The GXSF45V has an exact grain capacity of 45,100 and a flow rate of 9.5 gallons, making it the largest GE model available.

Traditional Salt Softening

This softening system uses the traditional salt-based ion exchange process to remove calcium and magnesium minerals from water, replacing them with sodium or potassium chloride.

Custom Select Valve

You can set the custom select valve so that the system accurately softens water based on your hardness levels.

Salt Saver & Low Salt Reminder

The system’s salt saver feature boosts efficiency and reduces the frequency of salt top-ups, while the low salt reminder will alert you when the salt levels have dropped too low, so you can top up the brine tank on time.

Salt saver function of the ge water softener

1-Year Entire Appliance Warranty

The GE GXSF45V has a 1-year limited warranty for the entire appliance. The resin and brine tank have a longer 10-year warranty, and the electronic monitor has a limited 3-year warranty.

🚦 Performance

We measure the performance of all the water softeners we investigate by determining their water softening ability, their efficiency (including salt tank water usage), their flow rate, their regeneration time, and any other features that impact their performance.

The GE GXSH45V 45,000 Grain Water Softener is the largest and most capable GE model available. This system has an incredibly impressive maximum hardness removal of 160 GPG and a maximum iron removal of 12 PPM. Even if you have extremely hard water with a moderately high ferrous iron content, the GE GXSH45V should completely soften your water and minimize your iron issues.

In terms of performance, the GE GXSH45V is one of the best water softeners you can find in the $700-$800 price range. Does this mean it’s one of the best water softeners on the market? No – there are sturdier, better-built systems out there, but they cost around double the price of the GXSH45V.

There are several features that improve the efficiency of this 45,100-grain water softener, including SmartSoft technology, which monitors your water usage and predicts exactly how much salt and water is needed. Using very little salt and water during regeneration (the system is apparently 35 percent more efficient than a previous GE softener) means you can save money on maintenance.

The system has a decent 9.5 GPM flow rate that prevents a drop in water pressure – it can be used in a household of four people to enjoy a steady flow rate even at peak times of water usage.

The best proof of performance comes from a third party, and the GXSH45V has been tested and certified to NSF International Standard 44 for its water softening performance and build. The system also complies with CSA B483.1, a Canadian certification for harmful substance reduction.

Ge water softener 40,000 grains at a closer look

🧰 What’s Included (Parts)

The GE GXSH45V includes the following parts and accessories:

  • Installation instructions
  • Installation kit
  • Brine tank (230-pound storage)
  • Resin tank (preloaded with standard mesh resin)
  • 3/4″ quick connect fittings
  • Drain hose
  • Water shutoff valve

πŸ”§ Installation, Programming & Settings

The GE GXSH45V is easier to install than other water softeners thanks to its all-in-one design, which holds the resin and brine tank within a single unit.

To install the system, follow these steps:

  1. Shut off the supply of water to your home and let air escape the pipes by opening all your faucets
  2. Hook up the drain line to the salt storage tank
  3. Install the water shutoff valve and the bypass valve
  4. Program the system’s softening level by turning the custom select valve
  5. Open the bypass valve
  6. Connect and secure the plumbing fittings with Teflon tape
  7. Plug in and switch on the softener
Installing and programming the ge water softener


Find the user manual for the GE GXSH45V here:

πŸ”© Maintenance

There are several unavoidable maintenance tasks involved in owning the GE GXSH45V. These tasks, ranked in order of importance, are:

  • Keep the brine tank at least one-third full of salt. Make sure to keep the salt levels below the maximum fill line to prevent bridging.
  • Regularly clean the unit’s venturi valve assembly and nozzle and wash the resin with a resin cleaner.
  • Use an iron cleaning product with every 40-pound bag of salt you add to the brine tank (Only necessary if you have water that contains a lot of ferric iron).

The system has a self-cleaning sediment filter, so you don’t need to buy (and remember to replace) your own sediment filter unless you have particularly high-sediment well water that could damage the softener’s resin.

As the largest GE softener, the GE GXSH45V can hold an impressive 230 pounds of salt at once, so adding salt to the tank isn’t a frequent duty (the frequency of top-ups depends on your water usage, which dictates the softener’s salt consumption).

The display screen has a status light indicator that tells you how little salt is left in the tank, so you know when to add more salt. A low salt light will appear and an alarm will sound if the salt level ever drops too low.

Adding salt to ge water softener

πŸ”” Pros & Cons

πŸ‘ What We Like

  • The GE GXSH45V has one of the best hardness removal capacities we’ve seen. It’s very rare for any water supply to have 160 grains per gallon of water hardness, so this system is guaranteed to provide completely softened water in all circumstances. Plus, the unit also removes up to 12 GPG of clear water iron.
  • Like all GE water softeners, this softener is very affordable considering its performance. It makes other water softeners look a bit pricey in comparison.
  • We were pleased with the helpful, convenient features in the GE GXSH45V, including the “days to empty” status light indicator, which lets you know when to add salt to the tank, and the custom select valve, which lets you alter the system’s softening level based on your water hardness.
  • The system comes with its own sediment filter, so most households with a municipal supply of water won’t need to worry about buying a separate filter.
  • Easy to program
  • The average customer ratings for this system are high, and customers mostly have positive things to say about their experience with the GXSH45V.

πŸ‘Ž What We Don’t Like

  • The entire unit only has a 1-year warranty (the tank has a 10-year warranty and the electronic monitor has a 3-year warranty). This means that if anything other than the tank or electronic monitor breaks after one year of use, you’ll need to pay out of pocket to get it fixed or replaced.
  • The unit has plastic fittings and components, which makes us question its durability.

❔ Frequently Asked Questions

Does GE make a good water softener?

Yes, GE makes good water softeners, and hundreds of customers have left positive reviews and praise for the GE brand. However, although the GE softeners have an impressively high maximum hardness removal, they’re not as sturdily built or as durable as some of the best water softeners available today. A top tier water softener generally costs at least $1,000.

How do you drain a GE water softener?

The easiest way to drain a GE water softener is to regenerate the system manually, then switch the system off once the water has drained out of the brine tank. You can also tip the tank to empty the water, but this is heavy work.

How long does it take for GE water softener to regenerate?

It takes GE softeners around 105-130 minutes to regenerate. This is about 30 minutes longer than the average water softener regeneration time of 90 minutes. If your regenerations are scheduled to take place overnight, the regeneration process shouldn’t interrupt your water usage.

What are some good alternatives to the GXSH45V 45,000 Grain Water Softener?

If your budget is flexible and you want the absolute best water softener that money can buy, look beyond the GE GXSH45V to systems around the $1,200-$2,500 mark. The SpringWell Salt Based Water Softener System is our top pick water softener of 2023. If you have a slightly tighter budget, the Fleck 5600SXT is the best softener to consider.

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