Eddy Electronic Water Descaler Review (2024)

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🧾 Overview

Eddy Electronic Water Descaler is a salt-free water softener alternative for whole home use. It emulates soft water without actually changing the hardness of water by removing beneficial minerals.

With no installation at a pipe required, the Eddy descaler offers a simple set-up for homeowners with little to no plumbing experience. The system is installed on the outside of an ingoing water pipe, and uses an electromagnetic wave to change the properties of the water’s magnesium and calcium minerals, preventing them from forming limescale.

The Eddy water descaler doesn’t alter the hardness of water, which means you’ll still benefit from the particulates in your drinking water. This method of water conditioning is far more economical than other methods, wasting no water and requiring no salt for the process. In fact, there’s very little maintenance you’ll ever need to carry out on the Eddy, as there are no tanks to clean out or filters to change.

💡 Features

  • Large magnets that are placed around a water supply pipe, creating a magnetic field that conditions water.
  • 110 volt system that uses around 5 watts.
  • Lifetime warranty for all components and 12-month money-back guarantee.
  • Standard cables for pipe diameters up to 1.5 inches.

🚦 Performance

The Eddy conditioner runs off electricity, and works uniquely from standard salt-based softeners. Because of this, it can be considered both more and less efficient than other softeners – it’ll increase electricity costs slightly, but it doesn’t run water through a tank, and you won’t need to wait for it to regenerate.

There is ongoing debate about whether electro-magnetic conditioning systems like the Eddy are as effective as salt-based softeners, as instead of removing hardness causing minerals, they simply alter their composition to prevent them from sticking to surfaces as limescale.

However, customer reviews report noticeable improvements to scale in appliances like shower heads, faucet aerators and kitchen sink sprayers. Although it’s easy to be skeptical as hardness won’t be altered, science suggests that the Eddy really does work.

🔧 Installation & Maintenance

One of the biggest plus points of the Eddy conditioner is that it requires virtually no set-up or maintenance. The magnets are simply screwed into place around the main water pipe, with no actual plumbing required.

As the Eddy doesn’t run water through tanks – it doesn’t actually take water away from the main pipe – you won’t need to install a bypass valve for maintenance. Installation can be done at home, without the help of a plumber, and the system is compact and light enough to fit even in smaller spaces.

You won’t need to clean the Eddy descaler, and its components are designed to last a lifetime. If they don’t, the manufacturer offers a lifetime repair or replacement warranty and a 12-month money-back guarantee, so you know you’re always covered.

Eddy Electronic Water Descaler - Water Softener Alternative

📝 System Info

It’s worth being aware that the Eddy conditioner is not a water softener – it’s a descaler, or conditioner, which means it doesn’t remove hardness causing minerals from water. Instead, it conditions water as it flows through your main pipe into your home.

The system consists of magnets that are placed around a water pipe and produce magnetic fields to alter the form of the calcium and magnesium minerals. These minerals remain in the water, but are unable to stick to surfaces and form limescale. In essence, water conditioning allows you to still benefit from the nutritious aspects of hard water while enjoying greatly reduced limescale in your home.

🔔 Pros & Cons


  • Small and compact in size, making it easy to install in smaller spaces.
  • Fairly low-cost to run.
  • Doesn’t require any maintenance, cleaning or salt top-ups.
  • Retains beneficial hard water minerals without the limescale.
  • Suitable for people on low sodium diets.
  • Offers a 12-month money-back guarantee and lifetime warranty.


  • Doesn’t alter water pH, which some people may prefer.
  • Doesn’t produce permanent outcomes – minerals will revert back to original form after 24 hours.
  • Won’t work on older pipes made out of lead or iron.
  • The money-back guarantee doesn’t offer a full refund after 30 days, as it takes into account Amazon’s restock fee.
  • Not so great for households with a water hardness of water over 20 GPG.

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