6 Best Alkaline Water Pitchers (November 2023)

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The most affordable way to enjoy all the health benefits of alkaline water.

If you currently buy bottled alkaline water because you enjoy its taste, it’s time to think about saving money and purchasing an alkaline water pitcher.

Here, we’ve shared our reviews of the best alkaline water filter pitchers based on their ability to boost water pH and remove contaminants, their customer feedback, and their overall value for money.

🥇 Best Alkaline Water Pitcher

📊 Comparison Chart of Alkaline Water Pitchers 

PitcherSantevia MINA Alkaline Pitcher
Santevia MINA Alkaline Pitcher
Invigorated Water pH Restore Alkaline Water Pitcher
Invigorated Water pH Restore Alkaline Water Pitcher
Ehm Alkaline Water Pitcher
Ehm Alkaline Water Pitcher review
Hskyhan Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher
Hskyhan Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher
Seychelle pH2O Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher
Seychelle pH2O Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher
Lake Industries7000 Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher
Lake Industries7000 Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher
pH Adjustment+2.0+2.0+2.5+2.0+2.5+2.0
Capacity9 cups8 cups8.4 cups3.5 liters32 oz2.5 liters
Filter longevity2 months96 gallons50 gallons37.5 gallons100 gallons40 gallons
Annual Cost~$120~$50~$30~$70~$100~$50
Warranty90 days1 year90 days

⭐ Reviews – Best Alkaline Water Pitchers 2023

Key Features:

  • Boosts pH by 2.0 – The MINA Alkaline Pitcher boosts water pH by up to 2.0. So, if your tap water has a neutral pH of 7, this filter’s mineral infusion media can bring it up to 9.
  • Removes lead, chlorine, mercury, & more – This Santevia pitcher uses a granular activated carbon filter alongside an ion exchange resin to remove up to 98% chloramine, 99% lead, 99% mercury, and 99% vinyl chloride, as well as poor chlorine tastes and other heavy metals.
  • 9-cup holding capacity – The pitcher holds 2 liters of water (around 9 cups), minimizing your refills while being small enough to comfortably carry when full.

Best For:

Anyone looking for the best value alkaline water filter pitcher that’s equally capable of boosting pH and removing tricky contaminants from tap water.


  • If you want to improve your water taste, alkalinity, and quality, the Santevia MINA Alkaline Pitcher offers the full package. It removes chlorine tastes, filters out harmful contaminants, and gives water a crisper, cleaner taste with its pH boosting filter media. The filter can remove difficult contaminants that other pitchers can’t target, like chloramine and vinyl chloride.
  • As well as raising the alkalinity of your water, the MINA pitcher adds alkaline minerals, which bring their own unique health benefits and further improve water quality.
  • Value for money is a huge benefit of this pitcher. It costs around $50 (at the time of writing), which is pretty impressive given the thoroughness and complexity of filtration.
  • The pitcher is made from Tritan plastic, which, in our opinion, is one of the best materials to use for water pitchers because it’s lightweight, robust, and 100% BPA- and BPS-free. Plus, the filter cartridges are recyclable at home – no need to send used filters back to the manufacturer to be recycled in a special facility.


  • The 2-month filter life is pretty standard for any water pitcher, but we wish it was a month or two longer.
  • A few customers had issues with dislodged carbon particles in their water.

Key Features:

  • Boosts pH & mineralizes water – The pH Restore Alkaline Water Pitcher uses zeolite, and mineral stones including far infrared, tourmaline, and Maifan to boost pH by around 2.0 and add calcium and selenium minerals, improving the nutritional value of your tap water.
  • Improves water quality & taste – Water from the Invigorated Water pitcher is free from chlorine, pollutants, and heavy metals, as well as some fluoride, and has an enhanced taste and smell. The filter combines coconut shell carbon and ion exchange to remove select contaminants.
  • 3-month filter lifespan – The filters in this pitcher last 96 gallons, or about 3 months, for a family of 3-4. If you’re in a 2-person or single-person household, you may get an extra 1-2 months out of each filter.
Invigorated Water pH Restore OptionsPrice

Best For:

Folks looking for an affordable, reliable alkaline drinking water pitcher that removes several common contaminants and adds healthy minerals with a proprietary filter blend.


  • The pH Restore Alkaline Water Pitcher costs around $12 less than our top pick MINA pitcher, so it’s great for smaller budgets. You still get a great performance from the pitcher, regardless of its lower cost – its coconut shell media is capable of removing copper, lead, zinc, and arsenic, as well as chlorine, chloramine, and some fluoride.
  • As well as increasing alkalinity, the Invigorated Water pitcher uses high negative Oxidization Reduction Potential to eliminate free radicals and deliver water that’s naturally high in antioxidants – key for increased energy levels and immunity. This is a unique feature that we haven’t seen in many other alkaline water filter pitchers.
  • Filter life is another unique benefit of this Invigorated Water pitcher. It has a 96-gallon lifespan, making it one of the longer-lasting pitcher filters on this list.


  • The contaminant removal information online is pretty vague. We’d like to see a test data sheet that tells us exactly which contaminants this pitcher can remove.
  • Some customers had issues with the lid being loose-fitting.

Key Features:

  • Boosts pH by 2.5 – The EHM Ultra-Premium Alkaline Water Pitcher produces water with a pH of between 8.5 and 10, depending on the water source. To improve water quality further, the pitcher adds potassium, magnesium, and calcium minerals during the filtration process.
  • Removes chlorine, heavy metals, & more – The 6-stage filter used in this pitcher features an ion exchange layer and an activated carbon layer that work to remove heavy metals and chlorine, as well as a few other contaminants.
  • 2-month filter lifespan – If you use the EHM pitcher for around 3 liters of filtration per day, the pitcher should last you for approximately 2 months.
Ehm Alkaline OptionsPrice

Best For:

Anyone who wants an affordable, capable alkaline pitcher that has the best pH-boosting abilities and boasts a few unique design features to further enhance performance.


  • We think the design of the EHM Ultra-Premium Alkaline Water Pitcher is smarter than others on this list. The filter micro-clusters and reduces the molecule size of water, producing alkaline water that’s more easily absorbable by your body’s cells. There’s also a micro-screen that prevents the release of black carbon particles into water – a common issue with carbon filters.
  • Unlike other alkaline water filter pitchers, this pitcher doesn’t just add calcium and magnesium to water and call it a day. It also introduces healthy sodium and potassium to boost water’s electrolyte content and give it a bottled water-like taste.
  • The price is pretty good for what you get. You can spend less than $50 upfront on a durable, reliable pitcher that should last for years to come.


  • Some customers said they had to filter water through the pitcher twice to boost its alkalinity.
  • The lid is loose and sometimes falls off while you’re pouring from the jug.

Key Features:

  • Increases pH by up to 2.0 – With 7 layers of alkaline filtration, the Hskyhan Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher can increase the pH of water by 0.5 to 2 (depending on the water source).
  • Removes chlorine, lead, & more – The filter in this pitcher can remove lead, chlorine, dirt, and – impressively for a pitcher filter – more than 95% of fluoride.
  • Built-in filter replacement timer – Included with the pitcher is a timer, which counts down the filter lifespan and alerts you when a replacement filter is needed.

Best For:

Folks looking for a budget-friendly alkaline filtration pitcher that offers a great performance at an affordable price.


  • Cost is one of the key reasons we were attracted to the Hskyhan Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher. It costs less than $30 and comes with two filters included, making the upfront value even better.
  • You don’t have to compromise on performance quality by spending less upfront on this pitcher. It reduces lead, chlorine, fluoride, and heavy metals, while also adding alkaline minerals into the water, including calcium, magnesium, potassium, and sodium.
  • The digital filter life indicator is a useful feature (and not one that we’d expect on a budget pitcher). You’ll never forget to replace the filter and end up drinking unfiltered water because the timer will alert you when a new filter is needed.


  • Again, we’re missing more exact data about the filter’s contaminant removal abilities. We’d be more reassured to see test results at the very least.
  • Ill-fitting lids and faulty filter life timers are two common customer complaints for this pitcher.

Key Features:

  • Removes lead, mercury, chlorine, & more – The Seychelle pH2O Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher is one of the only alkaline water filter pitchers to have been tested to remove various contaminants, including mercury, asbestos, lead, benzene, VOCs, chlorine, and arsenic.
  • Adjusts pH by up to 2.5 – The pitcher decreases water micro-clusters from 12 to 4-6 molecules and adjusts a neutral pH up to 9.5, making water more easily absorbed in the body for better hydration.
  • Lightweight, compact design – The pitcher’s lid is designed for quick filling and the jug fits nicely in refrigerators. The jug is made from lightweight plastic and is smaller than similar models, making pouring easier.

Best For:

People looking for a US-made and tested alkaline pitcher with a long-lasting filter that requires the least amount of maintenance.


  • The long filter lifespan is the biggest reason to love this Seychelle pitcher. With filters lasting up to 6 months, you might only have to replace the filter in your pitcher twice a year (most pitchers need up to 6 replacements per year).
  • Contaminant removal is another area in which this alkaline pitcher excels. Not only can it remove aesthetic contaminants like bad taste, odors, 99.99% chlorine, and sediment, but it can also reduce chemical contaminants like herbicides, pesticides, detergents, and benzene, inorganic contaminants like lead, copper, and aluminum, and fluoride.
  • We think the pitcher’s smaller 4-cup capacity makes it more portable and better for certain situations, including taking with you to work and fitting in a small fridge. It’s also easier to pour from, so it’s better for folks with arthritis and other mobility restrictions.


  • The jug’s 4-cup capacity (about half the size of most similar pitchers) isn’t the best on this list for families. You’ll need to top up the water more frequently.
  • The filtration speed is slow (15-20 minutes to fill the reservoir). On a positive note, that means water has plenty of contact time with the filtration media.

Key Features:

  • Ion exchange filtration – The Lake Industries 7000 Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher uses a multi-stage filter, including an ion exchange resin, to remove chlorine and heavy metals, producing better quality and better-tasting water.
  • Natural alkalization – The ceramics and stones inside the cartridge help to naturally alkalize water and boost pH by up to 2.0 by reducing water molecule size.
  • 40-gallon filter life – You’ll need to replace the filter in this alkaline water pitcher every 40 gallons or two months, whichever comes first.

Best For:

Anyone who wants to keep their long-term costs low with the best alkaline water pitcher with low filter replacement costs.


  • We’re pleased with the upfront and annual cost of the Lake Industries 7000 Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher. It’s around 20-30% cheaper than its competitors, and, unlike with some pitchers, you’re not misled into buying a pitcher that has a low upfront cost but super expensive replacement filters.
  • There are a few design features that make this pitcher convenient and easy to use. It’s slim and compact, allowing it to fit comfortably in most refrigerator doors, and the easy-fill lid simplifies topping up the reservoir without having to remove the cover. The ergonomic handle and thoughtful spout design make it easy to carry and pour from the pitcher.
  • Plus, as you’d expect, all plastics used in the pitcher are BPA-free, and the plastic filter cartridges are recyclable.


  • Some customers said their water pH didn’t change after using this pitcher.
  • Again, many customers complained that the lid didn’t fit properly and fell off while pouring from the jug.

🧾 Alkaline Filter Pitcher Buyer’s Guide

While there are plenty of filter pitchers out there to choose from, not all of them will alkalize your drinking water.

Alkalizing water pitchers are particularly effective as they offer two benefits in one: they filter water and alkalize it. The best alkaline water pitchers add trace amounts of healthy minerals into water, which increases water’s pH.

🤔 What is an Alkaline Water Pitcher?

An alkaline water pitcher contains a water filter that sits between the top and bottom reservoir.

When you add water to the top reservoir, it flows through the filter, which removes contaminants and adds minerals like calcium and magnesium into the water, before collecting in the bottom reservoir.

Alkaline pitchers are widely available and pretty affordable. They’re a great option for anyone who wants a simple solution to filter their water and enhance it with alkaline minerals.

You can find alkaline pitchers in a variety of sizes to suit families of 1 to 5.

⚙️ How Do Alkaline Water Filter Pitchers Work?

Most alkaline water pitcher filters will offer two stages of tap water treatment: filtration and alkalization.

To filter water, an alkaline water pitcher typically uses an activated carbon filter, which adsorbs contaminants like chlorine. There may be other filter stages involved too, including ion exchange resins and proprietary filter media.

To alkalize water, an alkaline ionized water pitcher will micro-cluster and reduce the size of water molecules, and add traces of healthy minerals to increase pH (and therefore alkalinity).

These two filter processes are combined within a single filter cartridge. To use the pitcher, follow these easy steps:

  1. Fill the top reservoir with tap water and wait for it to filter into the bottom reservoir.
  2. Tilt the pitcher to pour from the spout. Filtered water will pour from the bottom chamber when enough water has been filtered.

Like any filtered water pitcher, an alkaline pitcher uses gravity filtration. It usually takes 5-15 minutes to filter a pitcher full of water, depending on the complexity of the filtration process and the size of the pitcher.

How Are Alkaline Pitchers Different From Normal Filter Pitchers?

Alkaline water filter pitchers are different from normal filter pitchers because they don’t just filter water – they also boost its pH by around 2.0-2.5.

An alkalizing water filter pitcher usually features additional media, including mineral balls and tourmaline, alongside the standard filtration materials (typically activated carbon media and ion exchange resin). These filter media help to boost water’s alkalinity and add healthy, taste-enhancing minerals, like calcium, magnesium, potassium, and sodium.

✔️ What Are the Benefits of Using Alkaline Water Pitchers to Increase pH?

Let’s take a look at the specific benefits of using an alkaline water filter pitcher to treat your tap water:

  • Easy to use – Alkaline water pitchers are easier to use than other types of alkaline water filters. You simply fill the pitcher with water, wait for it to filter, then pour the water into your glass.
  • Affordable – Another benefit of alkaline water pitchers is their affordability. They cost less than $50 upfront and around $50-$75 per year to replace the filters, so they’re an ideal solution for smaller budgets.
  • No-install – Unlike under-sink and inline alkaline water filters, alkalizing pitchers require no installation whatsoever. Setup is simple and takes a matter of minutes.
  • Hassle-free – Using an alkaline pitcher filter to improve the alkalinity of your tap water is the simplest option available. If you don’t want the hassle of a difficult install or remembering to replace multiple filters, you can’t go wrong with a water pitcher.
  • Enhanced water taste – By boosting water’s pH and mineral content, alkaline pitchers offer additional taste enhancement benefits. Alkaline water is crisper and tastes more appealing than normal tap water.
  • Cheaper than bottled water – It’s much cheaper (not to mention more environmentally friendly) to filter the water from your tap than to buy alkaline or mineral water in single-use plastic bottles. You only have to spend money on new filters, rather than constantly replenishing a plastic water bottle stock.
  • Alkaline water benefits benefits – Many of the benefits of alkaline water are yet to be backed by definitive scientific proof, but water with a high pH is said to play a part in neutralizing acid in the body, which helps to boost the immune system and support your body’s illness-fighting capabilities. Other sources say that alkaline drinking water may slow aging due to its antioxidant content, and better hydrates the body compared to neutral or acidic water.

💭 Considerations When Purchasing an Alkaline Water Pitcher

Make sure to consider the following factors when deciding on the best alkaline filter pitcher for you.

pH Increase Ability

Many alkaline water filters can increase your pH level by around 2.0, but this depends on your water source as well as the quality of the filter.

If you don’t know your water’s current pH, find out beforehand, so you know whether an alkaline filter pitcher can help you achieve your preferred pH level. You can buy a pH meter online or order an at-home DIY water kit that indicates your pH using test strips and a color chart.

Some water pitchers can’t boost pH as effectively as advertised, so check customer reviews to get a realistic overview of what to expect from a pitcher before you spend your money.

Contaminant Removal Capability

Do you see filtration as an added benefit of an alkaline water pitcher, or do you see it as a necessity? And are there any specific contaminants you want a pitcher to remove? Ask these questions when evaluating a filter’s contaminant removal abilities.

The best alkaline water filter pitchers can remove a range of common contaminants from water. At the very least, a filtered water pitcher should be able to remove chlorine and some heavy metals, like lead.

If you’re looking for something more specific, like fluoride removal, you’ll have a smaller pool of pitchers to choose from.

Don’t expect any alkaline water pitcher to have the same performance capabilities as a standard filter pitcher. The best water filter pitchers can remove hundreds of contaminants, but most alkaline pitchers can only remove 10-15 contaminants at most.

Water Holding Capacity

An alkaline water pitcher’s water holding capacity determines how much drinking water it can hold. Most pitchers can hold around 5-10 cups of filtered water.

Consider the most suitable jug size for your situation and preferences.

A bigger holding capacity reduces your refills, making it a better option for larger families. However, it’ll make the pitcher larger and heavier to hold when full, which may make it unsuitable for some people or situations.

Design Features

There are a few design features to look for in an alkaline water filter pitcher.

First, if you buy a plastic pitcher, make sure it’s BPA-free. Or, choose a glass pitcher if you’d rather avoid plastic altogether.

A filter life indicator is a handy design feature that takes the guesswork out of filter changes. This electronic indicator is usually found on the pitcher lid and counts down between filter changes. Most, but not all, alkalizing pitchers have this feature.

Also do some research into the handle and lid design of a pitcher before you spend your money. Some pitchers have issues with ill-fitting lids, so it’s worth reading customer reviews to look for this issue in advance. We think the Seychelle filter pitcher is one of the best in terms of design.

Filter Lifespan

How often do you want to replace the filter in your alkaline pitcher? Consider this when comparing filter lifespans.

The typical lifespan of an alkaline water filter in a pitcher is 40 gallons, or about 2 months, meaning you’ll go through 6 filters per year. Some last slightly longer – up to 100 gallons – but this is rare.

Customer reviews can give you a real insight into how long a filter lasts with daily use. The exact lifespan of a filter depends on your water quality and how much water you use per day.

Filter Type

The design of an alkalizing filter varies from one filter to the next.

Some filters use remineralization beads, others use zeolite only, and some use a combination of both. Some are carbon-based, while some are ion exchange-based. Some filters might have a 3-stage filtration process, while others may use more than 6, 7, or even more stages.

Filter type is linked to contaminant removal, so consider the contaminants you want to remove when choosing between different filter designs.


Consider your budget, including what you can afford to spend upfront, and what you want to spend annually, when choosing an alkalizing pitcher filter.

Most alkaline water pitchers cost around $35-$50, and filter replacement cost $50-$75 per year.

It works out a lot cheaper in the long run to buy multipacks of water filters than buying them singularly, so try to buy in bulk whenever you can.

❔ Frequently Asked Questions

Do alkaline water pitchers work?

Yes, alkaline water filter pitchers work in the sense that they add alkaline minerals to drinking water, raising its pH level and improving its taste. Some alkaline pitchers work better than others to boost water pH, so check reviews before you spend your money. You have no control over how high the pH level is raised, either, which is a setback of this particular filter type.

Do Brita filters alkalize water?

No, Brita pitchers contain a basic carbon-based media, with no alkalizing or mineralizing media, so these filters can’t alkalize your water or increase its pH.

Is it safe to use an alkaline water pitcher?

Yes, as long as you buy a filtration system from a trusted brand. Look for a system that’s made with BPA-free materials, which will prevent accidental contamination of your alkalized water. Considering alkaline water is generally seen as healthier than normal tap water, you’ll only benefit from switching to drinking water with a higher pH.

Is an alkaline water filter healthy?

Yes, an alkaline water filter is healthy because it removes contaminants and boosts your water’s alkalinity, which has several possible health benefits, including increased hydration. However, many of the health benefits of alkaline water aren’t backed by much scientific evidence, so most people invest in an alkalizing water filter for the improved taste benefits above anything else.

Do all alkaline pitcher filters remove contaminants?

Generally, yes, the best alkaline pitcher filters offer contaminant removal – but not all filters will remove the same contaminants. At the very least, these filters can usually remove chlorine, but impurities like fluoride may not be tackled by every pitcher out there. Don’t expect an alkaline pitcher to be as effective as a dedicated water filter, either.

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